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A complete characterization of torque maximization for permanent magnet non-salient synchronous motors FULL VERSION  (the published version was very much shortened)
A Differential-Algebraic Approach to Speed Estimation in an Induction Motor
A Magnitude Phase Locked Loop Approach to Parameter Estimation of Periodic Signals
Active Noise Control for Periodic Disturbances
Adaptive algorithms for the rejection of sinusoidal disturbances acting on unknown plants

Adaptive Algorithms for the Rejection of Sinusoidal Disturbances with Unknown Frequency
Adaptive Rejection of Disturbances Having Two Sinusoidal Components with Close and Unknown Frequencies
An Adaptive Algorithm for the Tuning of Two Input Shaping Methods
An Online Rotor Time Constant Estimator for the Induction Machine
An optimization formulation of converter control and its general solution for the 4-leg 2-level inverter
Analysis and Implementation of an Adaptive Algorithm for the Rejection of Multiple Sinusoidal Disturbances
Analysis of Triggered Self-Excitation in Induction Generators and Experimental Validation

Comparison of Two Magnetic Saturation Models of Induction Machines and Experimental Validation
Complex-Based Controller for a Three-Phase Inverter With an Filter Connected to Unbalanced Grids
Constrained Quadratic Programming Techniques for Control Allocation
Control Demonstration of Multiple Doubly-Fed Induction Motors for Hybrid Electric Propulsion
Control of a PMSM Using the Rotor-Side Converter of a Doubly-fed Induction Generator for Hybrid-Electric Propulsion
Design of controllers for electrical power systems using a complex root locus method
Design of controllers in the complex domain
Design of Drives for Inverter-Assisted Induction Generators
Development and Flight Testing of a Parameter Identification Algorithm for Reconfigurable Control
Direct Adaptive Cancellation of Periodic Disturbances for Multivariable Plants
Equivalence between Adaptive Feedforward Cancellation and Disturbance Rejection Using the Internal Model Principle
Evaluation of Metrics of Susceptibility to Cascading Blackouts
Explaining the Routh-Hurwitz Criterion A Tutorial Presentation
Flight testing of a reconfigurable control system on an unmanned aircraft
Hybrid Electric Propulsion Using Doubly-Fed Induction Machines
Integrated Control of a Motor Generator Set Composed of Doubly-Fed Induction Machines
Interior-Point Algorithms for Control Allocation
Lateral Control System Design for VTOL Landing on a DD963 in High Sea States
Mesure des parametres des machines synchrones
Multi-Channel Active Noise Control for Periodic Sources - Indirect Approach
Multivariable Adaptive Algorithms for Reconfigurable Flight Control
Parameter estimation of permanent magnet stepper motors without mechanical sensors
Performance of an Adaptive Algorithm for Sinusoidal Disturbance Rejection in High Noise
Pole Placement Control for Doubly-Fed Induction Generators Using Compact Representations in Complex Variables
Rejection of Periodic Disturbances of Unknown and Time-Varying Frequency
Robust Sinusoid Identification with Structured and Unstructured Measurement Uncertainties
Root locus rules for polynomials with complex coefficients
Speed Control for Doubly-Fed Induction Motors With and Without Current Feedback
Speed Sensorless Identification of the Rotor Time Constant in Induction Machines
Spontaneous Speed Reversals in Stepper Motors
Stability Convergence and Robustness of Adaptive Systems
Study of the Stability of a Direct Stator Current Controller for a Doubly-Fed Induction Machine using the Complex Hurwitz test
Suppression of Sub-Synchronous Resonances through Excitation Control of Doubly-Fed Induction Generators
The complex Hurwitz test for the analysis of spontaneous self-excitation in induction generators

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