Mingyue Ji

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Assistant Professor
The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Adjunct Assistant Professor
School of Computing
The College of Engineering, University of Utah
My Website at the U: http://faculty.utah.edu/~mingyueji/

Email: mingyue.ji@utah.edu
Offcie: MEB 3108
Phone: 801-587-7255
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I am actively looking for motivated graduate and undergraduate students ( for both Fall and Spring semesters from ECE and CS ) working on wireless distributed edge/fog computing, machine learning, wireless caching networks, stochastic network optimizations. If you are interested, please send me an e-mail with your current CV or drop by my office. I will be happy to discuss.

Short Bio and Research Interests

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Utah since Fall 2016. I received my PhD in 2015 at Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, USA. I received my MS degrees in Electrical Engineering (focusing on wireless networks) from University of California, Santa Cruz and in Electrical Engineering (focusing on information and signal processing) at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden, and obtained my Bachelor Degree in Communication Engineering at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), Beijing, China. Previously, I was a Staff II System Design Scientist at Broadcom Limited, San Diego.

My research interests lie in the fascinating intersection of distributed computing and storage, communication, machine learning and information theory.

I am the director of Computing, Caching and Communication (C^3) group.


  • (07/2020) New Journal Paper accepted by IEEE Transactions on Communications:

  • (07/2020) New ArXiv e-prints:

  • (06/2020) Our group Github page is up and can be found here.

  • (06/2020) I will serve as a program committee member at the Workshop on Federated Learning for User Privacy and Data Confidentiality at ICML 2020.

  • (05/2020) Congratulations to Sean Hammond and Jake Maschoff for successfully defending the Master Project titled “Developing LoRa Face within Named-Data-Networking”.

    • See the project page: here.

    • The final presentation can be found: here.

    • The demo can be found: here.

  • (05/2020) New ArXiv e-prints:

  • (04/2020) Our Clinic project sponored by L3Harris on Wirless Named Data Networking (NDN) over LoRa was a great success and Bryan Hatasaka won the Project Design Excellence award. Congratulations to all (Bryan Hatasaka, Katlynne Bills, Garrick Clegg, Jason Stauffer, Thomas Van Hook)!!

    • See the project page: here.

    • See the presentation video: here.

    • See a photo of Bryan below.

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  • (04/2020) Our senior design project on Coded Machine Learning was a great success and Michael Crabtree won the Project Design Excellence award, Congratulations to all (Michael Crabtree, Mary Richardson, Yu-Hsiang (Jerry) Hu)!!

    • See the project page: here.

    • See the presentation video: here.

    • See the demo video: here.

    • See a photo of Michael below.

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  • (04/2019) Our seninor design project on Edge Computing and Distributd Machine Learning (Federated Learning) was a success and won Outstanding Electrical Engineering Senior Project Individual Award (Collin Tate) and Outstanding Electrical Engineering Senior Presentation Award (David Moody). Congratulations to all!!

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From the right to the left: Keoki Daley, Joshua Nett, David Moody, Collin Tate, Justin Olsen and Mingyue Ji