Coded Storage Elastic Computing over Amazon EC2

  • A Practical Algorithm Design and Evaluation for heterogeneous elastic computing with stragglers:

    • Codes: here.

    • IEEE Globecom 2021 (best paper award) Presentation by Mingyuue Ji: here.

Coded Storage Elastic Computing over Raspberry Pi Edge Network

Hierarchical Federated Learning

  • Demystifying Why Local Aggregation Helps: Convergence Analysis of Hierarchical SGD:

    • Codes: here.

    • AAAI 2022 Presentation by Jiayi Wang: here.

Coded Distributed Computing over Amazon EC2

  • Hypercuboid Coded Distributed Computing:

    • Codes: here.

    • IEEE ICC 2020 Presentation by Nicholas Woolseay: here.

Wireless Distributed Computing and Federated Learning

  • Coded data shuffling in Federated Learning:

Gradient Coding over Raspberry Pi Edge Network

Wireless Named Data Networking (NDN)

  • Wireless NDN using Rapsberry Pis over LoRa:

    • Codes: here.

    • Presentation by Sean Hammond and Jake Maschoff (Master Project): presentation, demo.

    • Presentation b L3Harris Clinic Team (Bryan Hatasaka, Katlynne Bills, Garrick Clegg, Jason Stauffer, Thomas Van Hook): here.