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Latest Release: Version 3.6
Released: 07-Jan-03


Ispell is a fast screen-oriented spelling checker that displays errors in the context of the original file, and suggests possible corrections. Some of the salient features of ispell include its multilingual support and integration with emacs. Ispell contains direct support for files formatted using LaTeX and [nt]roff. The integration into emacs supports additional formats, including hypertext files.

Ispell runs under most versions of UNIX, and ispell.el directly supports GNU emacs and XEmacs. Ispell and emacs have also been ported to some MS WinDoze versions.

Ken Stevens has written and maintained the emacs interface to ispell since 1987. The copyright for ispell.el was released to the Free Software Foundation in 1994 (making it a copyleft :-). The C source retains a Berkeley copyright. Suggestions, contributions, and help in improving this package are always welcome.

Terse Information on This Release

This site is the development site for ispell.el, and contains the latest beta releases. Ispell.el will be posted here before before being submitted to the FSF for inclusion with its emacs distributions, and before being included into the standard ispell distributions.

The latest version of ispell.el will always be included in ispell releases; however the last release of ispell source was October 1995. This is the place to go to pick up the latest ispell.el as there is always some lag in the ispell C code release.

See changeLogs for a more complete list of changes for recent version. Here is a brief description of some of the major features added recently:

Links for downloading the source

This contains the latest stable and current beta releases:

Description Version Date Download ChangeLog
Latest development release 3.7 beta 22 Sept 2003 ispell.el-3.7.gz changeLog-3.7.gz
Latest ispell.el release 3.6 07 Jan 2003 ispell.el.gz changeLog-3.6.gz
Previous ispell.el release 3.5 11 July 2001 ispell.el-3.5.gz changeLog-3.5.gz
Old ispell.el release 3.4 4 Aug 2000 ispell.el-3.4.gz changeLog-3.4.gz
Old ispell.el release 3.3 29 Nov 1999 ispell.el-3.3.gz changeLog-3.3.gz
Ancient ispell.el release 3.0 29 Apr 1998 ispell.el-3.0.gz changeLog-3.0.gz
Last ispell.el V2 release 2.38 23 Apr 1997 ispell.el-2.38.gz changeLog-2.38.gz

The changeLog page shows a synopsis of changes and complete listing of available changelogs.
The following links point to the ispell C source and patches.
The 3.1.20 patch1 fixes the bug in backslashes when spelling latex files in ispell-3.1.20. Newer versions do not need this patch.

Description Version Date Download
Ispell C source 3.2.06 01 Aug 2001 ispell-3.2 directory
Ispell C patch 3.1.20 patch 1 7 Dec 1999 ispell-patch1
Ispell C source 3.1.20 12 Oct 1995 ispell-3.1 directory

Click here to get installation instructions for the ispell patch.

Please forward any comments, suggestions, or bugs in this version to me at, or to the ispell.el bug mailing list.

Information and other ispell links

Comments are welcome. Please send e-mail to ispell-el-bugs@kdstevens.

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