Electric Generators

Software labs

Experiments are performed using a variety of models in Matlab/Simulink.

Lab 1:   Introduction to Simulink with an RL circuit (
Lab 2:   Wind power generation (Problem 1.1)
Lab 3:   DC generator (Problem 2.7)
Lab 4:   Self-excited DC generator (Problem 2.5)
Lab 5:   Single-phase AC power (Problem 3.1)
Lab 6:   Permanent-magnet synchronous generator (Problem 4.3)
Lab 7:   Squirrel-cage induction generator (Problem 5.4)
Lab 8:   Self-excited induction generator (Problem 5.5) (UPDATED Problem_5.5.pdf)
Lab 9:   Wound-field synchronous generator (Problem 6.4)
Lab 10:  Control of three-phase inverter (Problem 7.1)
Lab 11:  Doubly-fed induction generator (Problem 8.1)
Lab 12:  Dynamics of a wound-field synchronous generator (Problem 9.1)

Simulink tutorial using Lab 1 (intro1.mp4) (intro2.mp4) (intro3.mp4)

Simulation models

Blank simulation model: blank.mdl
Collection of Simulink blocks to simulate electric generators: generator_blocks.mdl
Wind turbine simulation: 
wind_turbine.mdl. Wind data file: wind.mat

Reference for basics of systems and control

Free textbook: Foundations of Control Engineering, available at: https://www.ece.utah.edu/~bodson/ifs/

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