Control of Electric Motors

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ISBN: 979-8542651507.

Videos - Inside electric motors

Single-phase AC motors (mp4) (wmv)
Brush DC motors (mp4) (wmv)
Stepper motors (mp4)
Brushless DC motors (mp4)
Induction motors (mp4)

Software labs

Handouts: softlabs.pdf

Blank Simulink file: blank.mdl. Common Simulink blocks: common_blocks.mdl

Lab 1:   Introduction to Simulink
Lab 2:   Open and closed-loop control of a single-phase motor
Lab 3:   Modelling of the brush DC motor (Lab3.mdl)
Lab 4:   Control of a brush DC motor (again Lab3.mdl)
Lab 5:   Open-loop control of a stepper motor (Lab5.mdl)
Lab 6:   Brushless DC motor control with six-step commutation (Lab6.mdl)
Lab 7:   Position control of a brushless DC motor (Lab7.mdl)
Lab 8:   Slip control of induction motors (Lab8.mdl)
Lab 9:   Field-oriented control of induction motors (Lab8.mdl)

Simulink tutorial videos

Simulink tutorial - Part 1 (mp4) (wmv)  simulation of a first-order linear time-invariant system
Simulink tutorial - Part 2 (mp4) (wmv)  implementation of a PI controller, viewing signals on a scope, and embedded m-files
Simulink tutorial - Part 3 (mp4) (wmv)  useful settings and additional features
Simulink tutorial - Part 4 (mp4) (wmv)   saving figures and block diagrams for reports

Recommendation: in the Simulink window, select Simulation/Model Configuration Parameters. A configuration window opens, select Commonly Used Parameters and Data Import/Export. Then, in Format, select Array. Also, uncheck Single simulation output.

Tutorials on electric machines and sources for surplus motors

Web page: usefullinks.html

Free reference for basics of systems and control

Textbook: Foundations of Control Engineering, available at:

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