ECE 3600
Introduction to Electric Power Engineering
Spring 2024

Warnock Engineering Building (WEB) room L114

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No labs before the first class

Fall 2023 website available here
Electric Machinery and Power System Fundamentals by Stephen Chapman
ISBN-10: 0072291354,   long ISBN-13: 978-0072291353
The international edition is much cheaper (about $50 shipped) and fine for this class.  Order it online.
(Available for <$50 online)

  Lecture:  M, W, F, 3:00 - 4:20 pm in WEB  L114
  Problem sessions:    Last part of each class
  4 credit hours 
  Instructor: Arn Stolp  (Email subject must start with "ECE3600". Arn rarely checks his email)
  Office hours: Office: MEB 2262 My “office hours” are the problem sessions. 
  Otherwise I’m often in my office or the lab Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays before and after class.  Talk to me in class to say when you’d like to see me.
  Phone: (801) 783-6589 Text first, and start text with "ECE3600"
  I don't look at any messaging on Canvas.

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ECE 3600 is NOT a web-based class.  The material available here is NOT a substitute for attending class and is NOT necessarily up-to-date or exactly reflective of what is given in class.  Please do not use it in that way.  This material is merely an extra resource for an ATTENDANCE-based class. (Arn rarely reads his email)

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