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ECE 5324/6324 Antenna Theory and Design (3)  Prerequisites: ECE 3300.
General theory of conduction current antennas; linear antennas including dipoles and monopoles; antenna equivalent impedance; design of AM, FM, TV and shortwave broadcast antennas of one or more elements including ground and mutual impedance effects; matching techniques including lumped, shunt, and series elements, transmission lines and conjugate matching; receiving antennas; antennas used for mobile communication systems and their radiation characteristics; antenna arrays and their design; wave propagation including propagation via ionosphere or troposphere; loop antennas and Yagi-Uda arrays; antenna synthesis for specified radiation patterns.  UHF and microwave antennas including corner reflector antennas, helical antennas, theory of aperture antennas including rectangular and circular apertures; broadband log-periodic antennas; microstrip antennas and phased arrays including applications for wireless communication systems; slot antennas, turnstile, horn and parabolic radiators; considerations for radar antennas and communication links. Antenna ranges and measurement techniques.

Antenna Theory and Design

ECE 5324/6324

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