Models of Electric Machines

Marc Bodson, Models of Electric Machines, independently published through Amazon,
ISBN: 979-8542675947, August 2022.

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Complementary material

Symbolic code used for some of the derivations

Doubly-fed induction machine (DFIM):model1_dfim.m
Wound-field synchronous machine:model2_wfsm.m
DFIM with delta connection:model3_dfim_delta.m
DFIM with 3-phase stator and 2-phase rotor:model4_dfim_3phs_2phr.m
DFIM with single-phase excitation:model5_dfim_ll_l2l.m
Three-phase induction machine operated as a two-phase machine:model6_3phto2ns.m
Hybrid motor:model7_hybrid.m
Brushless doubly-fed induction machine (BDFIM)

Matlab macro used for the numerical example of computation of inductances: bdfim_inductances.m
Matlab macro used for the numerical example of computation of a reduced-order model:
Simulink block diagram including the BDFIM complex model to simulate the operation as a synchronous generatorbdfim_model.mdl

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